xmlFUSE provides a native COM (Component Object Model) automation interface to the Microsoft XML (Extensible Markup Language) 4.0 SDK and the Microsoft SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) 3.0 SDK. It is the first and only Clarion product that uses Microsoft's XML Parser, the fastest and most widely accepted XML Processor in the world. xmlFUSE ships with complete source code to all of the class wrappers and example applications. Both XML and SOAP are very important technologies to Clarion developers who want to maintain competitive advantage in the world of Windows and web application development.

This one product provides the facility for creating and parsing XML documents using DOM (Document Object Model), SAX (Simple API for XML), XSD (XML Schema Definition Language), and SOM (Schema Object Model). You can also use XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) to format and transform your XML documents and the MS XML HTTP library included in the MS XML 4.0 SDK will allow you to send and retrieve documents over the Internet. xmlFUSE contains numerous examples for using the XML and XML HTTP portions of the product. In addition to all of the XML functionality, xmlFUSE provides a complete native Clarion wrapper around the MS SOAP 3.0 SDK. The synergy between XML and SOAP in the same product allows a developer to interface with XML Web Services and process their requests and responses without purchasing additional tools. These cutting edge technologies will deliver increased value to your customers by integrating many sources of Internet application content into your Clarion applications.

Here are just a few of the things you can do inside your application with xmlFUSE:

- Download a file and write it to disk
- Search Google
- Bill a credit card using Authorize.NET
- Post and view entries in web based guestbooks
- Retrieve Yahoo stock quotes
- Download an Internet image into a Clarion image control

- Convert Microsoft Outlook Data to XML
- search an XML document using XPATH
- Serialize Clarion GROUP data structure to XML and deserialize XML back into a Clarion GROUP
- Serialize Clarion QUEUE data structure to XML and deserialize XML back into a Clarion QUEUE
- Serialize Clarion FILE to XML and deserialize XML back into a Clarion FILE
- XSL transformation of an XML document
- Parse XML document using SAX

- Look up United States address information by City, State, Zip or Area Code using a SOAP webservice
- Translate text into multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian using the BabelFish SOAP web service from AltaVista
- Retrieve Currency Exchange Rates for dozens of countries using XMethods SOAP web service
- Check spelling using the Google Dictionary SOAP web service
- Search Google using the SOAP search service
- Search Amazon.com books using the Amazon SOAP web service

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